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All of our products are created with Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E to help nurture and protect sensitive scalps from scalp eczema and Psoriasis, Our product line also gives the benefits of hair growth while providing raw nourishment to natural hair that is damaged. Whether it's waves, locs , or curly hair we've got the stuff that your hair will fall in love with .

  • Mens Grooming

    Whether you're in need our 360 wave pomade to moisturize waves. Or a beard oil for date night, Our grooming section has everything to make a man smell smell like a god in a room full of kings.

    Our mens care collection 
  • For the curly hair product junkies

    This collection has our most gentle curly hair products designed to nurish & style coarse curls. Everything is plant based , hand made , PH balenced and devloped in the heart of Houston

    Curly hair products 
  • Bundles for them

    Our bundle section has everything that you need . Weather your trying to repair damaged hair, or style curls a certain way, our your need maitnence care for Locs. It can be found in here. Our bundles are put togather for all hair types , for all people, all across the world.

    Product collection 
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Our customers love our wash & go bundle for curly hair.

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