Tsunami Aloe Vera & Fenugreek Hair Repair Spraying Mist

Tsunami Aloe Vera & Fenugreek Hair Repair Spraying Mist

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Our Aloe & Fenugreek spray is the perfect moisturizer for any hair type. Mist it on wavy hair, curly hair, or locs and braids to maintain healthy and hydrated hair. Loaded with Aloe Vera, Rosemary, Sunflower oil, and Fenugreek, this spray increases manageability and promotes healthy hair with a moisturized sheen. It can also be used to repair dry and damaged and block DHT scalp.

Recomended for : All hair types 

Benefits of our spraying mist :
- Can be used on all hair types (natural, perm, wavy, coily, and locs)
- Made with Indian fenugreek (methi seeds), great for hair growth.
- Detangles, repairs, protects, and moisturizes
- Fenugreek is a great source of protein and amino acids, which help repair the hair shaft damaged due to dehydration, heat styling, chemicals
- Fenugreek is great for growth and also repairs damaged and split ends
- Use to penetrate & infuse moisture and strength into hair
- Makes hair stronger & grows longer
- Based with aloe vera
- Made in Texas

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