What is Co-Wash, and Why Should You Be Using it?

What is Co-Wash, and Why Should You Be Using it?

What is Co-Wash, and Why Should You Be Using it?

Advantages of cleansing and moisturizing with co-wash

Co-washing is the best thing to happen to curly heads since essential oils and leave-in conditioner. It’s the perfect combination of a gentle cleanse and refreshing moisturization, perfect for curly hair. While co-washing hasn’t always been at the top of the list for tips given to people with curls, it is now.

Origins of Co-Washing

So the big secret behind co-wash is that it didn’t always have its own space on the shelf. Originally, when the natural hair community referred to “co-washing,” it literally meant to wash your hair with conditioner. The goal was to provide lots of moisture to the curls while also lifting and rinsing unwanted buildup in the hair.

Many shampoo brands have recently been exposed for their harmful drying effects on hair. This is more severe for people with curly hair because they also tend to already struggle with retaining moisture. Harsh shampoos also remove healthy oils that curly hair needs to stay strong and healthy. This is part of why the curly hair community started co-washing.

Some people with curly hair even combined their shampoo with conditioner to add moisture to their cleanser. Shampoos like the nourishing Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E Shampoo haven’t always been around for curly hair. The simple natural ingredients in this shampoo soothe the scalp and gently break down buildup.

How to Use Co-Wash

As co-washing has evolved, curly hair product lines like Tsunami Grooming have begun to catch on to curly hair demands. Now, co-washing refers to the process of washing your tresses with a conditioner mixture or a unique product. The Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Co-Wash is a single product designed to provide a nourishing cleanse infused with deep moisturization properties. This perfectly balanced product will remove unwanted buildup while leaving your natural oils alone. Allowing the curly hair follicle to absorb more moisture.

To co-wash properly, you need to find your choice of conditioner or co-wash. Get your hair completely drenched in water, and then apply a generous amount of product starting at the scalp. Both conditioner and co-wash are great to help detangle your hair as they add slip to your hair. 

Using these products while detangling your hair is perfect because it reduces strain on your hair and lowers your chance of breakage.

Massage the scalp gently but thoroughly for a couple of minutes with the product in your hair. This will help remove stubborn buildup and fully cleanse the scalp. Once you have finished massaging your scalp and detangling your hair, rinse the product out completely.

Benefits of Co-Washing Curly Hair

Out of the entire hair type system: wavy, curly, and coily hair types are the driest of all textures. Due to the size and shape of each hair follicle, it’s more difficult for these hair types to absorb moisture. It’s also more difficult for the oils produced by the scalp to make their way down the hair follicle to the ends of the hair. This also means that the longer your hair is, the same issues begin to apply for moisture as they do for curly hair textures.

Learning to care for curly hair properly takes a little extra time and research. However, it’s worth finding the right products to do the job your curly hair requires. Co-wash is one of many quality products built specifically to maintain thicker hair textures. It’s certainly worth giving it a try and watching your curls bounce in response!

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