The mousse chronicles vol 1.

The mousse chronicles vol 1.

Learning How to Properly Use Hair Mousse
Tips and Instructions for All Hair Types and Textures
Hair mousse is a great option for anyone looking to enhance the quality of their hairstyles with a super lightweight and effective product. It’s great for finer textures looking to add volume and shine to their hair. It offers thicker and curlier hair textures: definition, volume, and elasticity. If your hair is prone to buildup, gets weighed down easily, or needs light to medium-hold products, hair mousse is the perfect option to get you on the right track with your tresses.
The Tsunami Curl Defining Mousse With Flaxseed & Aloe Vera offers these benefits and more for a diverse range of hair types and textures.
Mousse for Different Hair Types
Some people use mousse for wave or curl definition, while others hold fast to its ability to lift the curls and create the perfect volume for any hair type.
If you have Type 1 Hair, your hair is very straight and has little texture or volume. Using mousse on your hair can help lift your roots and boost volume with added shine as your hair dries. Type 2 hair is dedicated to wavey hair types with low-medium texture and definition. Our mousse can help wavy hair types by optimizing hair definition as the hair dries.
Type 3 hair is for curly hair textures with more frizz and volume. Our curl-defining mousse helps these hair textures control frizz while maintaining curl definition. Type 4 hair is dedicated to kinky and coily hair textures with a lot of shrinkage and loss of moisture. Our mousse is designed to help reduce shrinkage and lock in moisture as the hair dries.
Application Process
Cleanse your hair first with shampoo, conditioner, or co-wash for the best results. This allows the hair mousse to work directly with your hair to lock in moisture without the interference of unwanted buildup. The most important rule when using your hair mousse is to apply the product generously to wet hair. Never use mousse on dry hair. It can lead straight to a bad hair day for any hair type. Mousse is best used on damp hair because the water helps to disperse the foamy lightweight product properly. So apply your product right after you hop out of the shower or finish cleansing your hair.
Apply the mousse from the roots of the hair down to the ends. If you have thicker hair, it would be beneficial to section off your hair before applying your product. Some people prefer to apply the product with their hands, while others prefer to use a brush or other useful hair tool. If you use your hands, a great application tip is to keep both hands in “prayer hands” and rum them from the top of your hair down to the bottom to smooth the product over your hair. This helps to prevent frizz once your hair dries. Otherwise, you can comb through your tresses with a wide-tooth comb or a wet brush designed to disperse mousse gently throughout the hair.
You can also add extra water after applying the product and scrunch the hair upward. This will help promote volume and definition.
The Natural Hair Collection at Tsunami offers various products designed to work together and enhance your final results when styling your hair with our hair mousse. We built these products to enhance one another's beneficial effects on your natural hair. They work to cleanse the hair and lock in moisture as best as possible until your next hairstyle or wash day. We know that natural hair and all hair types need to focus on moisturization to keep the hair's ends, edges, roots, and shafts healthy.
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