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Tsunami Late Night Soap - Teakwood

Tsunami Late Night Soap - Teakwood

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Our Teakwood Late Night Soap is our luxury mahogany wood soap. If you are looking for a men's soap that smells better than Bay Rum ®, look no further. Its unique look also makes it a compliment to your body care collection. Our bars are based made with unfiltered shea butter so they're great for sensitive skin. This is the gold standard of how any man should smell. 

benefits of our Late Night Soap :
- Great hue and color scheme
- Only 5 ingredients
- Cold-pressed
- Destroys eczema, psoriasis & flaked skin  
- Lathers easy with no film
- sulfate-free with no parabens or silicons unlike body wash and commercial soap.
- Handcrafted in Texas, made to order but always in stock to ship.
- Smells AWESOME !!!!!

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