How to Take Proper Care of Curly Hair

How to Take Proper Care of Curly Hair

How to Take Proper Care of Curly Hair

Tips for Maintaining Healthy, Curly Natural Hair

If you are looking for the best way to care for your curls, look no further. You can learn many different tips and tricks for maintaining healthy hair habits. By taking the time to adjust how you care for your hair, you will have healthy curls for a lifetime!

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Moisturization is #1 because it is the most important rule for anyone with curly hair. Almost every tip around curly hair is geared toward adding moisture or preventing moisture loss. Curly hair has difficulty allowing the natural oils from your scalp to travel down each hair follicle. This can cause dry, brittle hair over time. Making sure to add moisture anywhere you can in your curly hair routine will help combat the issue many curly heads face.

Using a leave-in conditioner like our Aloe vera & shea butter leave-in curl conditioner will deeply hydrate your hair while promoting shine and enhancing curl definition while your hair dries. It will keep your hair moisturized for longer periods of time throughout the week, and eve make detangling a much easier process over time.

Minimize Heat When Styling

Using direct heat on your hair can be extremely damaging. If you must use a blow dryer, a great tip is to wait for your curls to be at least 50% dry before applying any heat. This will help minimize frizz and moisture loss while also promoting curl definition. Avoid high heat settings on curling irons, flat irons, and other hot tools. If you can, it’s best to avoid these styling tools altogether to guarantee healthy hair maintenance over time.

Have a Sleep Routine

We spend almost half our lives lying down with our eyes closed, tossing and turning through the night. During this time, the way we treat our hair is important. Different techniques in the curly hair community can help carry your curls safely through the night. Putting your hair up in a pineapple, wearing it in a bonnet, or investing in a satin pillowcase are all great ways to take care of your hair while you sleep. Too much friction while you sleep could be the culprit for dry, frizzy, or damaged curls.

Careful Detangling

To properly care of your curly hair, it’s important to know how to brush and detangle your curls correctly. You never want to brush through your hair while it is completely dry. This is almost certain to cause unnecessary damage and breakage to your curls.

Remember always to detangle your hair once it is wet, and always start brushing from the ends of your hair. This goes especially for people with long or medium-length hair. This will make sure you remove knots without ripping through your hair. The more texture your hair has, the more it will benefit you to detangle your hair slowly and in separated sections.

Another huge benefit to the detangling process would be to add a moisturizing product. We offer a few options that help keep the hair strong and moisturized. First there is our Aloe vera & fenugreek spraying mist designed to increase managability while brushing through your hair. This is great for a more light detangling product. There is also our Tsunami hair growth serum w/ neem oil, rosemary, and fenugreek that will help build up your hairs elasticity and treat damaged hair.

Regularly Trim Curls

This is a golden rule for all hair types. Trimming your ends a few times a year will help remove previously broken or damaged hair. While this does not promote hair growth, it does a great job at preventing more damage from occurring where the hair has already experienced some stress. Trimming your curls will ensure that your ends are always healthy and strong, allowing your hair to grow longer without experiencing damage.


Regardless of what type of curls or texture you are working with, it helps to add lots of moisture when taking care of your hair. Maintaining healthy hair habits could be the make-it or break-it of your healthy hair care journey. You deserve strong, full curls. Taking good care of your hair daily will help. Follow these tips to maintain your curls and grow long, healthy hair.

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